Colours and Finishes...

Because all our finishing is carried out by hand, you can choose the colour you would like your product to be finished in. Please note that the colour samples shown below are for guideline purposes only and are not 100% representative of the finished product. The appearance of our finishes can vary due to the natural features of timber although every effort is made to ensure that all products are as close to the colour samples as possible. We are able to offer a colour matching service, whereby you provide us with a sample and we shall match your product to this colour as near as it is possible.

Prefer a painted finish?

We also offer a painted finish, rather than a polished finish, if this is what you prefer - you can choose the colour required and we will finish the product in this colour - please request this at the time of order so that this is included in the quotation.

Touchwood UK natural cherry

Natural Cherry

Touchwood UK number one cherry

No. 1 Cherry

Touchwood UK light cherry

Light Cherry

Touchwood UK number two plus cherry

No. 2 Plus Cherry

Touchwood UK medium cherry

Medium Cherry

Touchwood UK dark cherry

Dark Cherry

Touchwood UK natural oak

Natural Oak

Touchwood UK number one oak

No. 1 Oak

Touchwood light oak

Light Oak

Touchwood UK number two plus oak

No. 2 Plus Oak

Touchwood UK medium oak

Medium Oak

Touchwood UK dark oak

Dark Oak